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Hygiene Policy & COVID Safety

As part of the Sydney Silverbacks hygiene policy we ask those that step on the mat comply with the following:

  • Trim finger nails and if going barefoot toe nails

  • If you have body odour, please ensure you have a shower.

  • Any piercings need to be removed or taped over to prevent injury.

  • Bring a towel to training.

  • Be prepared to sweat.  You may need to bring a second t shirt/singlet if you are a heavy sweater.

  • If you are unwell, please do not train.

  • Temperature check will need to be passed while covid is an issue.

Anyone training or visiting must show vaccination status certificate before entry into the gym until 1st December 2021 and also must sign in using Service NSW QR code app per NSW Public Health Order.

While wrestling is a contact sport where social distancing is impossible, part of the condition of training with the Silverbacks is to follow NSW Health guidelines.  If you have been overseas or near a covid hotspot within the past 14 days, we ask you not to turn up to the gym.  Please check the NSW Health website and Facebook page for up to date information.

The club actively monitors cases and will temporarily stop training in situations deemed unsafe for our members and casuals training with us.  We will ensure the wrestling mat is cleaned before and after our session, with temperature checks for all wrestlers and visitors are undertaken.  A log of all members and visitors is kept for each session in the event contact tracing is needed.  Members also need to sign in

Roadmap for Return to Training

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